Our Services

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Our Services

Hospital Decision Support is what we do; it is our specialty. We are very fast and very efficient at implementing hospital decision support solutions. We have been doing this since 1988 countless times. IMOS’s itself was incorporated in 1994 and accounts for several successful decision support implementations in many healthcare provider organizations including Hospitals of all sizes, Medical Groups of all sizes, County Organized Health Systems, etc. And we have a focus: delivering a powerful service and a lot of value to our clients for their dollar.

A proven and tactical method

We know how to implement hospital decision support systems, we know-how to support them, and we help you use them effectively. We have been doing this for years and, as a result, have developed tools and techniques to ensure success in these endeavors.

Delivery Modes

One of the most significant features of the IMOS Solutions is this: You have to learn no new software to utilize them. In other words, you can avail yourself of the benefits on our work without having to learn new software tools to use and mine the data.

Our Systems Toolset

To do our work, we have created a very sophisticated tool which we call the MAGNA/M4 system, the name that you see in our logo. MAGNA was our original system, one that in the 90s was used to provide Decision Support Services to Integrated Delivery Systems (Hospital + Medical Groups). As the healthcare market changes in the early 2000, and the large national Provider Practice Management Organizations became a thing of the past, IMOS decided to re-focus back to its roots, that of providing services to Hospitals. Hence MAGNA/M4 was born…

Our Packaged Solutions

While our solutions are designed based on your specific needs, these are the most common packages that we have been engaged to provide in the past:

  • Cost Accounting Implementation
  • Business Line Reporting/Patient Level Database Implementation
  • Productivity Management System Implementation
  • Productivity Management Process Support
  • Business Performance Assessment Solution
  • Comprehensive entity decision support solution