The following are testimonials from some of our distinguished clients.

“When I became COO of this University Hospital there were many financial issues that would require accurate and reliable financial information to be able to manage the desperate situation and effect a turnaround. We chose to acquire a sophisticated Decision Support System but the experience proved less than satisfactory as the implementation fizzled and the expected results did not materialize. It was then that we chose to bring IMOS to help us. IMOS was able to turn things around for us and, within a few short months, we were able to get an effective implementation in place and draw the data analysis benefits that had eluded us for so many years. IMOS was instrumental in more than just making the system work: IMOS helped us utilize the data and brought its own system to complement our data management and analysis capabilities. They implemented all our suite of Decision Support tools and their own productivity management system, all of it with exceptional quality and speed, plus they worked with us to ensure we used the data well. Thanks to the access to good information to drive decisions, in a short 5 years, we went from being a financially distressed institution, to paying off all our debts and becoming the most profitable facility in our County with a double digit bottom line. IMOS was a clear contributor to this success.”

Herb Spiwak/Vice President, Healthcare Services
Former Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer, UCI Medical Center
Orange, California

Sutter Health and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

Ridge Crest“I have worked with IMOS, in both systems and executive positions, for a number of years and in more than one institution with very satisfying results. They have been at the business of decision support for a long time and it shows. The blend of tested knowledge, techniques and tools they bring to the fore is really unique and easily verifiable in every step of their work. Not surprisingly, they tackle the difficult discipline of decision support very efficiently, delivering high quality, timely and expedient results. Most of all, they work real hard to deliver high value to the client for the services they perform. For those of us who understand and value decision making information, the service delivered by IMOS is a true high value proposition which is easy and very beneficial to adopt.”
James Suver, FACHE/Chief Executive Officer
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
Ridgecrest, California

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

Henry mayo“Our Leadership team is very data driven. We wanted the ability to cost our activities and understand the performance of our departments and product lines. We also wanted to ensure that management was able to make sound financial decision making and contracting. We wanted these capabilities but making them happen internally, entirely on our own, was an expensive proposition, short and long term, time consuming and the success of which was uncertain. That is why IMOS was a great choice for us. When discussing our options with IMOS, there seemed to be a great fit, one that would meet all of our needs, with little management and intervention on our part. We decided to engage IMOS based on their experience and references we had regarding their work with other organizations and colleagues we knew. I am extremely satisfied with what we have been able to achieve through IMOS. We now know the business performance of our multiple lines on an on-going basis, even for patients treated as early as two weeks ago. We have departmental productivity assessment based on both volume and mix on a bi-weekly basis. And, most of all, we are capable of answering the most difficult business and clinical financial performance questions with ease. For me in particular, being responsible for systems, this was a particularly satisfying project because it required a minimum amount of time from my staff and I to make it happen. It was completed on time, on budget, and with no disruption to our operations. This was especially important, due to all of the many other projects that were in process. IMOS delivered on its promise to us, and continues to do so to this day. We are very pleased with the benefits of this solution.”

Cynthia Peterson/Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
Newhall, California

Uni HealthUniHealth

“IMOS gave us exactly what we would like from all our vendors: Useful tools that were easy to use and provided information that actually allowed to improve our operations. Just as important, they were always responsive to our needs without ever trying to sell us services we didn’t want.”
Hamilton Chaffee/Vice President, Information Systems
Burbank, California

Facey Medical Foundation

“MAGNA is a tool which is helping us understand our business better. It allows us to look into the cost of services as well as the utilization rates and this is information which has proven very difficult to obtain in the past.”
H. Steven Aharonian, MD/President
Facey Medical Foundation
Mission Hills, California

editor’s note: MAGNA is an IMOS toolset for Medical Groups

Uni  Health

UniHealth Ventures

“Our strategy for creating the premier provider network in California depends on providing competitive advantages to our provider partners. IMOS has clearly been one of our biggest contributors in succeeding at implementing this strategy.”
Robert R. Rygg/Executive Vice President
UniHealth Ventures
Burbank, California

UniHealth – Professional Services Division

UniMed“Obtaining useful information to manage Medical Groups has been a very difficult if not impossible task during my 20 year career. MAGNA has given me not only cost information but also other critical management information in an organized fashion. It is becoming an invaluable management tool in today’s changing healthcare environment.”
Benjamin S. Snyder, FACMPE/Executive Vice President
Professional Services Division
Burbank, California

editor’s note: MAGNA is an IMOS toolset for Medical Groups.