A proven and practical method

We know how to implement hospital decision support systems, we know-how to support them, and we help you use them effectively. We have been doing this for years and, as a result, have developed tools and techniques to ensure success in these endeavors.

It is said that “the devil is in the details”…
Well, nothing can be more the case than implementing a DSS in a hospital because, in this case, “it is nothing but details”. The key to a fast and successful implementation is to understand which details are important to tackle at a given time and which are not. Especially because implementing cost accounting in a Hospital is akin to negotiating a labyrinth; one wrong turn and you can simply end up in a dead end. And a “dead end” can easily mean a bad implementation that can turn into a “ball and chain” you have to carry with you for years to come making its cost effective maintenance very difficult, even impossible. This, in turn, can lead to implementations that, with time, become “stale” and stop being of service (if they have been of service at all). And that can lead to the defeat of the primary purpose of the project: that of providing YOU quality information to manage better. … In summary: money spent / no results… a bad combination. On the other hand, a supportable implementation of a decision support environment can pay off for years in not just better results but also supportable results.
So, what makes us different?… In a nutshell: That, with our implementation techniques and support methods, we have conquered all of these problems. We know how to implement, and we know how to deliver support so that you can be guaranteed a solid, sustainable, and successful implementation for years to come. In other words, that you get to what you wanted from this project in the first place: good information, available to you in a regular, current and updated form and in a consistent basis for years to come.

In summary:  We operate under a simple premise: to deliver fast, effective and sustainable implementations followed by solid support of expert use of the data… all at a very reasonable cost. We strive to ensure that the client derives maximum benefits from their investment in this strategic capability.That is it, a simple but powerful mix: solve a difficult problem and deliver superior value in doing so.