Working for your success

We need you to be successful because the majority of our business is based on referrals. Hence, we need your success to achieve ours. After we set you up and make sure you have a stable and reliable decision support data production capability, we set to accompany you in the journey through data driven decision making. We have years of experience in the use of this data to make a difference for the betterment of the organizations we serve. We WILL be there to help you as much or as little as you need. All part of the package and all part of our intention to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. If you are concerned about the lack of solid information for good decision making, we WILL solve this problem for you.  We do not sell consulting or software; we sell a solution to a problem, a solution with staying power, a solution that delivers SUPERIOR VALUE for your dollar.

We structure effective decision support data acquisition and management processes for you so that you can stop worrying about getting this data and, instead, can spend your organizational energy and resources in acting on it to make your business work better. We do the ground work to get you there (implementation), ensure proper regular updates, maintain the data structures current (representing the reality of your current operating environment), and give you regularly and timely the information you need to manage.  Or solutions have “staying power” because they are designed with efficient long term maintenance considerations in mind: we create processes for today and tomorrow, processes that will withstand the invariable organizational changes that you are sure to eventually face. And our processes are “self improving”; the more these processes work for you, the better they work, the more solid they become and the better tuned they get. The goal is to free you from the worry of data acquisition and thrust you into the realm of data use excellence. Once ingrained in your organization, these processes assist you in taking you to the next level of data use excellence, and that is where we want you to be.

Our solution will be:

  • Comprehensive (will cover your business decision making informational needs)
  • Total (it will not leave you with “other problems” to contend with – such as worrying about turnover of personnel trained to support it)
  • Long term (is structured to endure for the long haul, to withstand organizational, operational and systems changes)
  • Extremely well priced. For a fraction of the cost of ownership, AND FROM THE BEGINNING, our delivery model will surprise you in how much you can get for such a reasonable cost. Please remember, one good decision made with this data can help pay for the service for many years to come, …and traditionally, these decisions are “annuities” that keep yielding year after year!

At IMOS we strive to bring solutions that help you manage better and deliver unquestionable value. Our success is defined by YOUR success and working for your success is the path to ours; a perfectly symbiotic relationship. We are engaged and atuned to your decision making information needs, walking you through the process of data driven decision making. With IMOS you will have the information needed to make decisions and a solid partner to assist you in making the best use of your data to create solid information. We are, in one word, your “partner” in the journey from “data starved” to “information rich”. Once you work with us, we will be there to assist you in mastering the difficult discipline of hospital decision support, something we have been successfully doing for almost 20 years. We understand this discipline from an experience-based perspective. Years of verifiable work in this field, and solid references to confirm it, will assure you of getting the best support to fully capitalize from this very strategic investment decision.